Ben Hill leaders work to lower insurance premiums

Ben Hill County officials held a special called meeting Thursday afternoon to review a contract with the volunteer fire department. Officials had to review details of new standards ISO is implementing in order to put the contractor in the best position so insurance premiums stay as low as possible.

In addition to commissioners and other local leaders, Ben Hill County Manager Frank Feild says there was also another key player at the meeting. "We did have a couple of insurance agents that sat in the discussion. I think that was very helpful for them to understand what we're doing because they're the first folks that are going to be called when rates go up and they're also going to be called when people are concerned about the possibility of the rates going up" says Feild.

Officials add they're still working through details and although they don't have a concrete solution yet, they hope to soon. Another item leaders are considering is a five-year fire plan which will allow for better facilities, equipment, and training.

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