Albany's mayoral candidates face-off in debate

Mayoral candidates debate key issues. / Jessica Fairley

Albany's mayoral candidates faced a panel to answer tough questions as to why they should be elected.

Albany has been ranked as one of the poorest regions in the nation and mayoral candidates John White, BJ Fletcher, and Dorothy Hubbard all agree that jobs are the key to digging the city out of its rut.

"We've got to get our people back to work," says mayoral candidate BJ Fletcher.

However, they differ when it comes to achieving this goal. Hubbard says the best start is the education system.

"I would have thought that crime would be our number one issue but the people have said to me that education is our number one issue," says mayoral candidate Dorothy Hubbard.

She believes people need to educate themselves so that when jobs become available, they'll have the skills to step into available positions. Hubbard and White say getting the community to work will also cut down on crime.

"Our young people are committing most of the crimes because they are hungry for jobs. They're hungry for income," says mayoral candidate John White.

BJ Fletcher's plan is to bring business and tourism to the area, all while keeping young people from fleeing. White says it's about making the city more cosmopolitan.

"Young people want to go where the bright lights are. They want to go where the activity is. They want to go where the action is," says John White.

While disagreeing on how to bring about job creation, they all say it's about working together.