Albany State students raid dorms

Albany State students performing the dorm raid to remind their fellow students to vote. / Colby Gallagher

Albany State University students who live on campus were in for a surprise on Tuesday when politically-active students performed a dorm raid.

The group ran through the halls of dorms chanting "Everybody get out and vote, do the Ram vote!" while knocking on doors.

ASU Student Government Association Vice President of External Affairs Kevius Bass said they're doing this raid as a way to remind students to vote if they haven't already early voted.

Bass and the SGA have participated in voter registration drives and other activities to get the students involved since the summer.

Bass says this is their last chance to tell the students to exercise their right and let their voice be heard.

Albany State also issued a press release stating that the general election has drawn a record number of voters to the Albany State University precinct with lines forming before the 7 AM poll opening.

Student Government Association President Clarence Washington says the battle for who will occupy the White House; local and state issues and a voter registration drive got ASU students interested in exercising their voting rights. A visit by Civil Rights pioneer Ambassador Andrew Young was also a reminder to make it to the polls or mail in absentee ballots.

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