Albany named "Trendsetter" by Georgia officials

Albany receives Trendsetter award for 311 service / Jessica Fairley

Albany has been awarded with the Georgia Municipal Association's Trendsetter award.

Every four years, as a part of GMA Mayor's Day awards, a city claims this title and Albany is being recognized for its 311 Answers call center.

The center serves as a tool for community members to gather information quickly about local city and county government.

"We get phone calls about voter registration; we get where to pay a ticket. We get a lot of different phone calls," said Albany IT and 311 Manager Cindy Tiernan.

Albany's 311 call service is being recognized not only by the state but also by Georgia Trend magazine.

"We'll be featured next month. It gives us exposure really around the country. And there are a number of subscriptions that are even worldwide. So Albany, Georgia will be on the forefront as a good communicator and good service provider," said Albany Asst. Manager Wes Smith.

After only two and a half years of existence, the service went from fourteen calls on its first day, to over 30,000 calls per year.

"When all city and county departments work together we can achieve amazing things," said Cindy Tiernan.

Local officials say as the volume of calls grow, it exemplifies that city workers are good at what we do.

Albany Mayor, Dorothy Hubbard, accepted the award Sunday at the Mayor's Day awards.

While Hubbard and city commissioners remain in Atlanta, Georgia for training, the award has been delivered to the Albany Welcome Center.

The City of Albany has produced a video showcasing the 311 Answers call center.