Albany Municipal Auditorium could soon have new name

The Albany Municipal Auditorium is nearly 100 years old / Ashley Knight

Yaz Johnson, son of Albany Civil Rights Activist Johnnie Johnson told Commissioner Chris Pike he wants the Albany Municipal Auditorium as his father's memorial.

The city had given Johnson a few places to choose from, including also the airport and the public works building--since Johnson worked for public works.

However, Commissioner Tommie Postell says the auditorium is a very historic monument and wants to make sure they are free to name it after someone.

"So if there's any historical value with the name changing or adding or taking away from anything, that needs to be studied before we decide we're going to name it for somebody and then come back and get a lawsuit, saying you can't do it," says Postell.

Commissioners expect to hear back at their next meeting in two weeks.

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