Albany debuts "Do Not Solicit" list

A 311 operator answers a phone call at the 311 call center on Pine Avenue Monday afternoon. / Mike Manzoni

A recently passed city ordinance allows residents to opt out of being approached by door-to-door salesmen and other unwanted solicitors.

The ordinance, passed by the Board of City Commissioners and signed into law by Mayor Willie Adams Jr. on June 28, allows residents to register their addresses with a city database to avoid pesky solicitors.

"You call 311 as a resident, and tell us what your street number is and street name is and we will make sure that the vendors are aware of that and you won't be called on -- solicited on," said Cindy Tiernan, the 311 manager. "A vendor will have to come to the city and register as a vendor, then they will be instructed to look at addresses that they cannot solicit."

"I think it's a pretty good idea â" I'm not really sure how it would work â" but I mean you like to respect people's privacy, but you do always have the choice of not answering the door or whatever, but I think it's a pretty good idea," said Ivy Hamilton, a former Albany resident who now lives in Atlanta.

One person we spoke to said the service may have other benefits, too.

"You hear in the news constantly of elderly people being taken advantage of whether it's on the phone or people coming to the door promising them services that they do not render," said Keva Harris of Albany.

Names are not recorded on the list, nor are they required to register an address. So far, 18 addresses have been registered.

If you are interested in signing up for the list, or if you want to view the addresses registered, visit You can also call 311 to register your address.