Albany City Commission green lights Weaver's return

1st Update
The Municipal Court has confirmed that Judge Willie Weaver has returned to the bench today.

Initial Story
On May 27 of 2011, Municipal Court Judge Willie Weaver was arrested for allegedly hitting his wife on the head with a beer bottle during a party. The city commission voted to suspend Weaver with pay for 90 days. After 90 days, they voted to suspend him without pay indefinitely. Tuesday, the city voted 4-2 to reinstate Weaver to the bench. Weaver told commissioners he never hit his wife with the bottle that night, even so commissioners Roger Marietta and Bob Langstaff voted against the measure.

"Obviously there was some injury that night and how that happened," says Langstaff.

Langstaff felt there was more to the story than Weaver was telling.

"And I understand why he could not explain it, I mean, the sanctity of marriage, that's the most important thing, but by the same token, we've got a business to run and we need to know what happened."

Commissioner Chris Pike echoed those sentiments, adding he understood the stress that comes with a marriage lasting several years. Yet, he along with Jon Howard, Tommie Postell and Mayor Willie Adams voted in favor.

"I just didn't think we had enough evidence to be as punitive as we were," says Mayor Willie Adams.

And as for the stress of marriage, Mayor Adams says, what stress?

"I've been married for 49 years and I'm happily married!"

Weaver was ordered to go through marriage counseling, which he will finish this week, and stress counseling. He refused an on camera interview, but told the commission he has learned a lot and wishes to return to work. He is able to return as soon as Wednesday. However, his status may change. Weaver is up for reappointment this January and he'll be facing one, if not two new commissioners and a new mayor. And there's no telling what they will decide.