Albany City Commission doesn't have power to rename Municipal Auditorium

Photo Credit: Ashley Knight

After turning down several other options, Yaz Johnson says he would like his father's name placed on the Municipal Auditorium. Johnson is the son of Johnny Johnson, a Civil Rights activist. However, there's one hitchâ"the auditorium is owned by the Albany-Dougherty Inner City Authority and has certain binding clauses in its deed. So it's back to square one. But Johnson has made one thing clear.

"I'm seeking a building that is prominent, that's a figure in the city. Something of a major stature, like I said, to give continuous education."

Commissioners suggested the Public Works building, since that is where his father worked.

But Johnson doesn't want the Public Works building because it's hidden in the residential area.

"People don't even talk about the Public Works building. I want something that people in the city talks about on a continuous basis," says Johnson.

Johnson has been going back and forth with the commission on this matter since 2002 and there seems to be no end in sight. Commissioners hope they will reach an agreement soon.