Airport officials seek to extend terminal deadline

Albany-Dougherty Aviation Commission discussed setbacks in terminal construction. / Jessica Fairley

In Tuesday night's Albany-Dougherty Aviation Commission meeting, members revealed it may take longer to complete construction for the new terminal building.

Officials for the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport say they hoped to have Phase II of a three phase project completed at this point, but due to setbacks, they're still in the beginning stage of Phase II.

The board voted to add a 30 month extension to the contract, which is being carried out by LPA Group Inc. out of Columbia, South Carolina.

"We've asked for another two and a half years which is what we think we have left before we'll be done with all three stages of construction," said Southwest Georgia Regional Airport Director Yvette Aehle.

The Albany city commission will have the final say as to whether the extension is approved and whether the project will move forward with the LPA Group Inc.