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      Airport Director responds to angry resignation letter

      The Southwest Georgia Regional Airport Director says she was caught by surprise when she received a resignation letter from Deputy Airport Director Kenneth Johnson.

      In the letter, Johnson said he was humiliated and bullied by Airport Director Yvette Aehle during his three and a half years working there.

      Aehle says he's been gone since December 11 and that he sent the letter Christmas evening. She says the letter wasn't even sent to her but it was sent to the Albany Herald.

      "Everything located in the letter is a surprise to me. He never brought it to my attention. His remembering of the events that he wrote about were not the same as I remembered so you know, as they say there's two sides to every story then there's the truth," Aehle said.

      Aehle says the airport is currently searching for a new Deputy Director.

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