ADICA looks into landlord options

Skater at the Albany Skate Park, / Jessica Fairley

Several business options are coming to the forefront in downtown Albany.

While this is happening, the Albany Dougherty Inner City Authority is still weighing options when it comes to the Skate Park.

"I don't want to get into problem solving as a landlord. How do you eliminate that? You sell property you don't lease it," said David Prisant, ADICA Board Member.

David Prisant voted against leasing the park but board members out voted him.

Aaron Blair, President of ADICA, plans to look into market rates to lease out the park.

He's also working with Shandon Development to bring growth to Albany.

"We had a lot of people in town today that they brought in to look at these buildings and I hope what that means is new leases and new business," said Aaron Blair.

Blair's hoping to have some leasing agreements signed by the end of the year.