A new challenger appears for Lee County Commission seat

Tim Nelson qualifies for the District 4 Lee County Commission seat. / Jennifer Valdez

Rick Muggridge has a new opponent in the race for the Lee County Commissioner District 4 seat.

Tim Nelson has qualified as an indepenent candidate to face Muggridge on the November 6th General Election ballot.

The Lee County Board of Elections validated his petition containing 250 signatures, which was 82 signatures than the 168 required.

Nelson said via press release that he is "excited that the Elections Board validated my petition and has allowed my name to be placed on the November ballot." He continued," I plan to continue my" boots on the ground" campaign to inform the voters that they have an independent candidate in the mix who wants to cut spending and is not a rubber stamp for other board member's agendas." Nelson added, "it has been a long time since this district has had to cast ballots for commissioner during a general election. I will work with local organizations to ensure all eligible citizens in the district are registered to vote."