2nd Albany Mayoral Debate

Fox 31 is hosted a live, mayoral debate between the two remaining candidates running for Mayor of Albany during the 10PM Newscast and live on via Youtube.

BJ Fletcher and Dorothy Hubbard will answer questions submitted by members of the community via video, email, Twitter and Facebook. These questions range a variety of topics including, but not limited to crime, education, and fiscal matters. With the election only days away, this is one of the final chances for the candidates to reach the voters.

Join the discussion on Twitter using the #FOX31MayoralDebate hashtag, on Facebook, or leave a comment below.

Question #1 What will be done with old blight like the Heritage House building, old movie theater, and anything else thats just been sitting around for the past 10 years or more? (Submitted by Jason Ward via Facebook)

Question #2 Recently, Albany was featured in a recent publication as being one of the poorest communities in the united states. There is a specific community business relationship backed plan called strive to thrive whose whole focus is to eradicate poverty. Currently, the municipal government is not very heavily involved in this initiative. If you're elected mayor will you encourage and promote both financial and strategic partnership commitment to this initiative? (Submitted by the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce)

Question #3 and #4 Candidates have questions for each other on corruption in government and tea party affiliation.

Question #5 How they plan to used our three higher education institutions, Albany Tech, Darton College and Albany State University to encourage our local industries to expand and how will they use our educational resources to encourage new industry to move to albany? (Submitted by Dr. Anthony Parker of Albany Technical College)

Question #6 How they would encourage those who can't participate in higher eduation because there are adults with out high school diplomas or GED's - to earn their ged's so that they can make a greater contribution to our community and to their families. (Submitted by Dr. Anthony Parker of Albany Technical College)

Question #7 All of the candidates continue to speak on collaboration within the government and community. How do the candidates plan on bringing this community together, with the blatant racial barrier that surrounds us? (Submitted via Facebook)

Question #8 You can hardly go anywhere in albany without worrying about getting robbed....What do you plan to do about crime? (Submitted via Facebook)

Question #9 What you would do to control wasteful spending of SPLOST funds... And he wants to know if you are in favor of the lights that have been installed on Westover with this money? (Submitted via Facebook)

Question #10 What can you do as mayor to help the Dougherty County School System? (Submitted via Facebook)

Question #11 Do you agree with the "saggy pants" ordinance? (Submitted via Facebook)

Question #12 What is your position of the effort to improve the resources and service at the southwest georgia regional airport? (Submitted via Facebook)

Question #13 The election experienced issues with Ward 2. How do the candidates plan on working with officials so that this won't happen again? (Submitted via Facebook)