Youth Baseball Opening Ceremony

Kids lined the field for the National Anthem before getting the 2014 season underway for youth baseball. / Jon Benson

Spring is here and although opening day for Major League Baseball is still a week away, the opening ceremony and a new season of youth baseball is underway. Kids ranging from ages 4-10 put on their clean uniforms and lined up on the baselines to get introduced to the community. The opening ceremony was hosted at 8th Avenue Youth Baseball Park, with parents and coaches lining up to take pictures of their child.

Al McKendrick, President of Albany National League said, "This is a great time of the year, to teach kids the game of baseball and have fun doing it."

Once the National Anthem finished the teams went to one of the three parks and started playing games until the sun went down. There are eight different teams in the league and all of them get a chance to play in The Little League World Series when the May All-Star Competition rolls around at the end of the season.