Wrestling Gym Opens in Albany

Coach Arnold giving some lessons during open house. / Jon Benson

For years in Southwest Georgia, wrestling has been the shadow of either football or basketball. The low popularity of the sport is largely due to lack of gyms the area has to offer.

That is all about to change as local resident Phillip Arnold had a lifelong dream to open his own gym and now his dream has come true.

Arnold said, "This has been a dream of mine for over 20 years and to now see it come true is crazy."

Arnold has a long resume in wrestling, earning All-American honors and multiple state titles from Missouri. Arnold has a passion for the sport that goes beyond words and to express that passion, he takes it to the mat, and shows you.

Arnold's wrestling gym is open to the public and offers summer camps for any and all ages, from beginner to advanced. The camps are only part of Arnold's vision.

Arnold said, "Over the next five or ten years I would like for this place to grab the attention of college wrestling programs nationwide."

With the help of the different coaches on staff and the support from the community, Phillip Arnold is getting closer and closer to seeing his passion and dream come to life.

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