Working out in the workplace

You can still get a workout during the workday even if you're stuck behind a desk.

"Your body starts to adapt to that sedentary lifestyle and then before we know it we're gaining ten lbs. here, we're feeling tired, and fatigued all the time and we're just de-conditioned and out of shape," said Kris Morrill, fitness coach.

With many jobs people are stuck behind a desk sitting, not being active. Easy things that can be done to boost movement throughout the dayâ|

  • Park farther away from the front door
  • Take wheels off a roller chair
  • Use stairs instead of an elevator
  • Look for opportunities to stand up
  • Have meetings in the halls
  • Walk during lunch
  • To get past that afternoon slump, no need for caffeine, just get moving.

    "Get your blood flowing, get your muscles moving a little bit and that will wake you back up again as opposed to just reaching for the coffee pot and just pouring yourself a cup of coffee around two o'clock," said Morrill.

    Start healthy habits at work and they'll continue into a healthy lifestyle off the clock too.

    "a body in motion will stay in motion, a body at rest is going to stay at rest, so if you're constantly sitting down, you're not doing anything with yourself and you're going to just end up then you're going to just end up like that for the rest of your life."

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