What is Get Healthy on GOOD DAY?

Get Healthy on GOOD DAY is a new segment on the FOX 31 GOOD DAY morning show were you can learn how to become a healthier person by taking care of your body and eating right. GOOD DAY is teaming up with strength and conditioning coach Kris Morril to teach you these different ways to get healthy. Each Wednesday we will feature a different healthy topic- everything from exercises to foods you should eat. The program is designed for everyone. If you are just are just starting to have an interest in being healthy or already are a health guru, there is something to benefit you. And no need to worry about finding a gym or having fancy equipment. Everything on Get Healthy on GOOD DAY you can do at home with things you have laying around the house. So whether you want to lose some weight, gain some flexibility, or just be able to walk up the stairs without losing your breath tune in to Get Healthy on GOOD DAY every Wednesday morning. Next Wednesday the first official segment of Get Healthy on GOOD DAY kicks off. It will be teaching you all about one of the most basic but most important exercises... SQUATS! Do you have a health question or topic idea you would like to see on Get Healthy with GOOD DAY? E-mail me at