Wakefest Brings in More Competition

It's the perfect combination for a weekend at the Flint River- water, wakeboarding and a good cause. Albany's Wakefest is opening its third year of competition with larger numbers than ever before.

If you're heading to Turner Landing on Saturday prepare for tantrums, scarecrows and super men as Wakefest slides across the water.

The third installation of the event puts beginners to experts to the test with a benefit on board. All proceeds from the weekend competition are to help local seven-year-old Taylor Rumph.

"She was actually born with some pretty bad birth defects, and it's actually a good friend of the family. We're just trying to come together and do something we love to do and raise some money while we're doing it," Adam Gilbert said.

With boards and boats, Gilbert has built a day on the river in to success. The event has grown with over sixty riders and the equal amount of sponsors, but this philanthropy still has plenty of competition.

"It's all fun and games until you get on the dock and it's go time. Everything just kind of wires out and it's every man for himself," Wakefest rider Blake Grimsley said.

Riding in the top outlaw division, Gilbert and his friend/rival Blake Grimsley know most tricks in the book. However, the waves made in competition are only small portion of the day.

"Getting to go and do this as a competitionâ|to raise money for a little girl that's disabled is just icing on the cake," Grimsley said.

"I would definitely like to see (Wakefest) grow and keep going. I don't see how this thing couldn't make it real big," Gilbert said.