Touching hearts beyond basketball

Travis and Head Coach Hicks practicing for their game next week in Moultrie. / Jon Benson

Albany's Carver Gym plays host to a beloved basketball team that has been preparing for their first game of the season. This team is through a recreation department that competes in the Special Olympics.

Within the team, is a young man that has touched the hearts of hi coaches, teammates, and most of all the community.

His name is Travis Greer, who has been competing in the Special Olympics for the past three years and basketball isn't the only sport he plays. He also competes in softball, bowling, and even bochee ball just to name a few.

The Special Olympics works in seasons, fall sports such as softball are in full swing and basketball starts during the winter. For now, Travis has his focus on basketball.

Head Coach Morris Hicks says that "Travis is one of the most loveable athletes that you will ever meet. He is a great person and his teammates love him too."

Greer has an intellectual disability and growing up suffered from having random episodes of seizures. Until six years ago when he underwent brain surgery, and once enough time passed, he has been able to get back out on the court and play one of the sports he loves.

Robyn Fink says that "after the surgery, and time had passed Travis has come out and played for the recreation department through the Special Olympics program and has played ever since."

Now, Travis has been excelling in basketball and as of late, he has been helping his team prepare for their first game, next week in Moultrie. The biggest game of the year comes in Atlanta during January.

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