The Shoulder Press

The shoulder press builds and strengthens all muscles in the shoulder. Regular shoulder presses will help avoid injury from everyday movements.

"There's a lot of tendons that meet up there, a lot of muscle tissues that meet there, couple bones that meet in there," said fitness trainer Kris Morrill.

It only takes 6 lbs of pressure to hurt the rotator cuff in your shoulder. You can hurt it from simply lifting a bag incorrectly so you want to make sure you are doing the shoulder press correctly.

Correct Shoulder Press:

  • Place feet firmly on the floor
  • Hold the bar or dumbbells shoulder height, palms facing forward
  • Press your arms overhead
  • Keep the press slightly in front of your body, so you don't put pressure on your lower back
  • Lower the weights slowly back to the starting position
  • Exhale and tighten your abs when lifting, inhale when lowering

Lift the bar in a controlled manner, without bouncing. Elevate every other muscle group besides the shoulder and keep the bar in the midline of your body. The midline is the imaginary line that goes from the ear to the shoulder to the hips and down to the middle of the foot.

A shoulder press can be done with a bar, dumbbells, even a broom lying around the house.

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