The family that screams together...

From tiny ants to a chasing cheetah, Wild Adventures is about having fun together as a family.

"It's all about having these family experiences no matter what you're doing in the park," said Micha Hogan, public relations manager at Wild Adventures.

For the thrill seekers, the park offers seven roller coasters that take guests up, down, around, even over a live alligator. Their most famous roller coaster is Cheetah, a 3,000 foot long wooden coaster reaching speeds more than 50 mph.

Kid rides and family rides offer just the right amount of excitement for the less adventurous.

Gearing up for the 2012 season, some rides got a makeover. Boomerang and Go Bananas are shiner and brighter than ever. Returning guests might not even recognize Hangman since it got a new paint job. It is now blue and green and called Twisted Typhoon.

For a full list of rides and height requirements click here.