Streetballers in Terrell County

The Court Kingz before every game gather in the middle of the court for a prayer. / Jon Benson

The Terrell County High School Greenwaves are coming off of a big fall season of sports. Not only did the baseball team have a good season, but they got a chance to play in their very own baseball field. With new faculties for both the softball and baseball programs, head baseball coach Pat Cuff organized a fundraiser that attracted many locals to the basketball court.

Coach Cuff said, "With help from our sponsors we were able to get the Court Kingz to come to Dawson and play an exhibition game against our hometown All-Stars."

The Court Kingz are made up of some of the greatest streetballers on the basketball court in the world, who travel the country inspiring young athletes that anything is possible. The basketball game isn't about winning or losing it's about basketball stars coming together with different backgrounds and playing together as one, and putting on a great show for the fans.