Squats: The Functional Exercise Movement

The squat is one of the most basic steps in exercizing- but also one of the most important. You may not realize it but you are always doing squats. So proper technique can help avoid injury during everyday movements.

"You squat when you sit down, when you drive, when you pick things up," said fitness coach Kris Morrill.

Doing squats is a total body workout, focusing on the muscles from your bellybutton down: hamstrings, gluts and quads. You will work all major muscle groups, increase flexibility, burn calories, increase power and gain, tone and strengthen your muscles.


1. Stand with your feet shoudlerwidth apart

2. Push your rear end back so the weight is in your heels

3. Squat down tracking your knees over your heels

4. Keep your back tight and chest up

5. Stand back up

6. Repeat

Squatting wrong could be detramental. If you feel a lot of pressure on your knees or front of your leg there's too much weight on your toes. Push your rear end back more to get the weight back in your heels. Keep those knees and hips safe!

Want to make it harder? Make sure you have the basic squat mastered then add weight. You don't have to have any fancy equipment- grab a broomstick or piece of pvc pipe and place it across your shoulders while squatting.

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