Skinner back in PGA Championship

Photo Credit: Pat Moroney

Sonny Skinner, the head pro at River Pointe Golf Club, will be back in the PGA Championship field next week.

After finishing in 9th place at the PGA Professional National Championship in June, Skinner qualified for one of pro golf's prestigious majors. He also played in the PGA Championship in 2008 and 2010.

"It won't be quite as overwhelming this time as it was the first time that I played," Skinner said. "We all start even par, so we're all tied to begin with."

The major will be held at Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, New York. Skinner has played the course once before, but will fly up to Rochester five days early to scout the course.

Skinner, 52, has deep roots in Southwest Georgia. He graduated from ABAC and has been a longtime resident of Sylvester.

Skinner is excited about the opportunity, but realistic about his chances at Oak Hill.

"I'll take my little game up there and I'll attempt to pop it down the middle and try to scratch out some pars and hopefully some birdies," Skinner said. "If all things go well I might have a chance to make the cut."