Shoot for the Cure

Wayne Goff one of the organizers showing his skills off on the clay shooting course. / Jon Benson

Over the weekend marked the ninth annual "Shooting for the Cure," an event that helps raise money to the ALS Association of Georgia. The event was put together by Wayne and Susan Goff, who were inspired by their son back in 2005.

Susan,"our son was diagnosed with ALS disease and clay shooting has been something we did as a family for about 15 years."

Shooting for the Cure is clay shooting tournament and shooters from all over the southeast gather to show off their skills at skeet shooting. More importantly the shooters gather to donate money for a good cause.

Susan,"this year we had over 80 different shooters compete and sponsors from all over to show their support and to help find a cure for this disease."

The event was an all day tournament that started at 9:00 am and continuing late into the evening. Clay shooting was just the main event, food was served along with raffles and silent auction throughout the day.

Over the nine years the Goff family has been very successful and have raised well over 170,000 dollars, and all for ALS.

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