Rising to the top

Albert Martinez is a local MMA fighter that is on the right path in making a name for himself.

Martinez is a family man, husband, and a loving father, yet he holds the Combat Night Bantamweight Championship Belt. This is a man that doesn't take anything for granted and plans to be a good role model for his family.

Martinez said, "I have worked hard to get where I am and I hope my kids and family see that, so they can be inspired to work hard and chase their dream, like I am doing."

As a fighter Martinez is 5-1 overall and his only lost came from last year when he tried to claim the same title he has earned just two weeks ago. Earning one belt is just the beginning for Martinez, after only taking off one week he is back into the gym and training for his next fight. The next fight for Martinez is just a couple of months away in Tampa Bay.