Riding the Wake for a Good Cause

It's that time of year again to pull out your boats and head to the lake for some wakeboarding action. However, this is not your average wakeboard competition.

It is not about winning or losing at the 2013 Wakefest, it is about raising money for a young boy fighting a terrible disease, Curt Poer.

Poer has a mitochondrial disease called Leigh's disease. This disease can cause damage to the brain, heart, and liver. To help with the cost of everything, the Wakefest organizers put the focus of this year's event toward Poer.

Adam Gilbert is the organizer and one of the riders in Wakefest and the community is on board to help out for this yearly tradition.

"This year we are expecting 75 riders along with 300 people watching and bringing their boats out." Gilbert said.

"Last year, we raised about 10,000 dollars and this year we plan to make at least that or more." Gilbert said.

The event starts early Saturday at 10 AM and will end at 4 PM, but wakeboarding is not the only event taking place that day.

"We have raffles for a YETI cooler,â|a signed wakeboard by a pro, and we are selling t-shirts along with taking donations for the cause." Gilbert said.

Although, Gilbert is the one organizing the event, he is not the only one who shares the same interest.

"For everyone to come through as a community...and help a little boy out with disabilities is really awesome." Blake Grimsley said.

Riders from all over the South are coming in for the competition to show off their skills and to win big, but they all are coming together for more than the competition, it's about raising money for a good cause.