Pumping iron with a cop

Youth football program; Pop Warner workout with the local Albany Police Department, and all for a good cause. / Jon Benson

A new trend here in Albany is on the rise, which is "workout with a cop." Over the weekend Corporal McKinnley Windom and Albany Police Department teamed up with Toys for Tots for a chance to pump some iron for a good cause.

People from all over the community gathered at Destiny Fitness through out the day to meet some of the local police officers and donate a toy or two. The goal of the event was to bridge the gap between cops and the community, and after the event Windom couldn't have been more excited.

Windom,"the turn out was great, we had friends, family, and even some of the young Pop Warner football players join us and donate to toys for tots.

Pop Warner, one of the youth football programs joined in on the action and got a little insight on working out.