Pose Running

Running is one of the most accessible forms of exercise. No fancy equipment or special skills are needed, just a good pair of shoes and a place to run. But the high impact nature of running can bring injuries to knees, hips and joints.

When most people run they land with the heels of the feet first - this is called heel striking and over time can cause injury.

"It puts all of your weight, plus the impact of you running, on that one heel so you're actually working against yourself if you're coming down on that heel real hard," said fitness coach Kris Morrill.

The pose method of running is a safer, more efficient way of running where you run on the balls of your feet and use gravity to propel yourself forward.

"Have the ball of the foot land on the ground and your basically just pulling your heel up towards your rear end so you're just catching yourself over and over and over again."

Running the pose method helps with stamina and endurance but most important it eliminates the pounding on your knees and joints.

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