Paul Eames Complex Making Upgrades

In its 18 years, the Paul Eames Baseball Complex has hosted two minor league baseball teams, Dougherty County high school games and countless summers of American Legion ball.

Now on the heels of the American Legion Post 30 Paul Eames tournament next weekend, the city of Albany is making upgrades to the baseball facility.

City Commissioner Roger Marietta, also a member of the American Legion Post 30, said he was approached by members of the public about the ballpark improvements.

Recently, the outfield fence has been repaired and painted, and the netting behind home plate has been replaced along with other necessary fixes.

This is the first time the stadium has seen upgrades in quite some time. Marietta said this could be the beginning of a promising future for the sports complex.

"There's just a lot of potential here, so we want to keep on top of the improvements that we've done and keep up with it because so many people use it," Marietta said. "A lot of the baseball youth come out here for American's a real asset to the city and we want to keep it that way"

All upgrades and repairs to the main field are expected to be done before Post 30's Paul Eames tournament begins game play next Friday.