Offseason Motivation

Football players lifting weights and getting ready for the next football season. / Jon Benson

The month of May is the time where seasons come to an end and school lets out for the summer. During this time off for the summer student athletes try to take advantage in the weight room, work on drills, or simply going over the playbook. The tricky part about the offseason for athletes is staying motivated, because they do all these things without their coaches watching over their shoulder.

Running back for Valdosta State; Cedric O'Neal said, "The offseason the coaches aren't really around to help you to prepare yourself, and they are not on you like they are during the season."

Many different football players for both high school and college all have different dreams and goals they would like to accomplish before their time as a player runs out.

Running back for Fort Valley State; Jonquez Sanders said, "My first year here in 2012, we went to the Eastern Conference Championship and we went on to the playoffs, so just tasting that for the first time keeps me focused."

As the football season grows near players continue to work hard to prepare for their best season, while trying to make a mark in history and leave a legacy before their time is up.

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