Nine out of ten isn't bad

Coach Jeff Demott coaching the young rapids before their next meet. / Jon Benson

Swimming at the Albany YCMA is very competitive and being a three time defending state champion you need to be.

For head coach Jeff DeMott time and time again he is tested at the state level and each year has come out on top. It does when you have nine swimmers ranked in the state of Georgia out of the top ten.

The Albany Area YMCA Y-Rapids/Quad-A Swim Team has an impressive list of top swimmers in the state. The newcomers for the team consist of; Alison Bell, Lynnsey Bell, Simon DeMott, Josie Sagasser, and Case Gregory. These rankings came out due in part from judges at the meets and based on performance.

As far as the ones who were previously ranked and still remain at the top; Nathan Sagasser, Reese Fye, Nicole Fye, and Maggie Davis. All ranked for different events; respectively. The biggest key here is to keep this high reputation and continue greatest as the season continues.

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