Mother of missing Sylvester man speaks out

Lewis Mills and his daughter

The mother of a missing Sylvester man reported missing in Louisiana is speaking out.

She says Louisiana authorities aren't doing everything they can to find her son.

"I begged them to find my baby and bring him home, for me and all my family to have closure. I still have to answer to his daughter. Every day, 'when is my Daddy coming home?' I don't know what to tell her."

Ida Mills is keeping the presents meant for her son, Lewis, under the Christmas tree until he returns home.

"I know in my heart my baby wants to come back to Georgia to be with his family whatever way he can be," said Mills.

It's been one week since Lewis Mills reportedly fell off a bridge into the Wax Lake Outlet in Patterson, Louisiana.

The St. Mary's Parish Sheriff Department is in charge of the search but according to Mills, their efforts have been half-hearted.

"We have been told over and over, 'we're going to put divers in,'" said Mills. "Every day, we have a hope that a divers going in but we get the call from Louisiana that the Sheriff will not allow it."

Lewis's father, Michael, traveled to Louisiana to help search for his son but according to Mills, his presence is not welcome.

"The Sheriff's Department has asked three different times when he is leaving," said Mills. "To me, they want us to go home."

Lewis Mills lives in Sylvester with his mother and daughter and his five-year-old daughter, Jade. Ida Mills describes her son as good man who's also good with his hands. Another sad part of this story is that Lewis has a nephew that's dying of cancer. Shortly before Lewis left for Louisiana, the 17-year-old nephew asked Lewis to personally build his casket.

"He was a hardworking man," said Mills. "He loved his daughter. He loved his family. He would help anybody he could help. It didn't matter who they was."

"If we could just get the body home and have closure, I think it would help everybody in this neighborhood, the family and all," said the family's pastor, Wendell Horten.

"You're supposed to do your job," said Mills. "That's all I want them to do. Just do your job."