Local Boxer Fights Back

On week days, deep in the bowels of Turner Gym- a local amateur boxer trains with a dream of returning back to his old form.

Three years ago, Albany's Terry Roscoe was one of the top amateur boxers in the country with four belts and endless potential- until a 2008 fight and a torn rotator cuff sidelined his rising career.

"During that time, I would sit by myself and, I got the talent...I just don't care about itâ|like god gave me a gift and I'm not even taking the route," Roscoe said.

Roscoe gave up training, got in with the wrong crowd and began having children. His priorities completely changed- until Roscoe's three-year-old son provided all the inspiration needed.

"We were watching Floyd Mayweather fight "Sugar" Shane Mosely and my little boy said, "Hey daddy, you're supposed to be on TV fighting too,"" Roscoe said.

So Roscoe got back at it- took to training, and is now preparing for his first fight in two and a half years this Saturday in Kennessaw, Georgia.

"You know how kids go to the playground and they feel happy at the playground...that's how I feel when I'm in the gym. You know, that feeling came back to me when I stepped in on the first day of trainingâ|like a big relief came over me," Roscoe said.

It's not always easy for the 22-year-old Augusta native. Roscoe supports five children by working overnight at a Camilla poultry plant and training during the day. However, losing this weekend isn't an option for Roscoe. He's not even considering it. No matter what- Roscoe will keep on fighting.

"It's going to be a long journey but I know if I take one step I can take the next- we're just going to keep stepping together," Roscoe said.