License deadline nears for nurses

A nurse holds medical forms. / Jessica Fairley

Georgia Secretary of State, Brian Kemp, is sending a warning to nurses that if they don't renew their licenses within the next two days, they may face a penalty.

Back in 2011, a law was enacted requiring applicants for new licenses and current nurses to submit verifiable documents proving U.S. citizenship or qualified alien status.

Nurses have until January 31st to submit their license renewals to the state; otherwise it will go into a lapsed status.

The advisory was sent out Tuesday because Brian Kemp says too many people still need to submit their information.

"They need to go on to the secretary of state's website and they can do the renewal online. They will need to send a copy of their secure verifiable document, the most common is the driver license," said Brian Kemp, Georgia Secretary of State.

The license will not lapse as long as the information is submitted before the deadline, even if it takes the system a few days to process the information.

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