Journey for a cause

Cole Miller taking control of his seminar and showing kids and adults some MMA. / Jon Benson

The quest for being a professional fighter is tough and it gets even harder the farther you climb. When you're an athlete who faces an injury, you are left with two choices. Number one you could just sit around and wait to heal or two do something productive in the meantime. For UFC fighter Cole Miller, he chose to do something with his spare time after suffering from an injury that put his fighting career on hold.

Miller said, "I was suppose to have a main event fight at the end of July, but after injuring my thumb from training I was forced to withdraw for the fight."

For his spare time Miller decided to take a trip starting from his home town in Macon Georgia and cycling all the way down to Florida. During his travels he is also giving seminars' to help raise money for Alzheimer's research. Each day he rides averaging 60-100 miles, while stopping into different towns to do these different seminars to raise awareness.

Miller said, "I had loss my grandfather to Alzheimer's and I have been given an opportunity to help raise money and awareness."

All the proceeds go towards the Alzheimer's Association and each seminar last for about three hours. During the seminar Miller spends his time teaching kids and adults striking and the ground game for MMA.

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