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      Inside the world of Southwest Georgia Glitz Pageants

      When you hear the words fake eyelashes, spray tans and hair pieces what comes to mind? Most likely, not a child, but in the world of glitz pageants, they are a necessity.Pageant moms and daughters have been given a bad reputation because of TV shows like Toddlers in Tiaras. Since not everyone can personally spend the day investigating what it TMs really like, FOX 31 has done it for you. To understand the world of pageants, realize there are different types. Natural pageants allow natural hair and makeup but glitz pageants requires fake eyelashes, hair pieces, spray tans and even sometimes fake teeth which are called flippers.These are the pageants usually seen depicted on TV shows, the ones that make many uncomfortable because of the strides that are taken to makeover the young participants.The thing many might not understand is moms and daughters enter glitz pageants because they think getting all dolled up is fun! They know full well what will be required of them if they enter a glitz pageant.You wouldn't send your child out on a football field without his shoulder pads and helmet you TMre not going to send your child out on stage without hair and makeup. It TMs a competition just like any other sport said Keetra Barnes, a mother of two pageant participants.It might be surprising to know many moms and daughters who compete against each other are friends and even help each other with hair and makeup. The ladies we talked with agreed the drama depicted on TV shows is just a sensationalized way of editing, at least in the Southwest Georgia Circuit; they TMve had positive experiences with their competitors.The participants and their mom TMs all agree being in glitz pageants is not only fun but it develops positive attributes in the girls like good self esteem and confidence.

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