How often to hit the gym?

How often to work out is really a question of what is your current fitness level.

"Obviously we wouldn't want to just jump off the deep end and hope they swim," said Kris Morrill, fitness coach. "You want to lower the volume, lower the frequencies of their workout so they have a few more rest days in between for their bodies to actually catch up and recover."

Beginners should start out slow while more advanced exercisers can work out more often but the most important thing is to listen to your body. No matter how often you work out, it is important to exercise the entire body.

"Your body is one machine, you can't get up out of a chair without using every single muscle in your body so that's how I suggest you train because that's going to get you more fit, faster," said Morrill.

Always let injuries heal completely before jumping back into a normal routine. Many times your body will start feeling better before it is actually better.

"Give it some tests, do some things, use lighter weights use more full range of motion with those lighter weights to see what hurts," said Morrill.