Georgia Supreme Court to decide Cook's fate

Photo Credit: Georgia Department of Corrections

Second Update (2/22/13 5:00 AM)
The lawfully ordered execution of Andrew Allen Cook for the 1995 murder of two Mercer University students was carried out Wednesday evening at 11:22 pm at the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Center in Jackson, Georgia. The sentence was carried out after the United States Supreme Court denied Cook's request for a stay of execution at approximately 10:30 pm.

First Update (2/21/13 2:43 PM)
According to information released by the Supreme Court of Georgia, the court has unanimously dismissed the motion for stay of execution filed by Andrew Allen Cook in the Georgia Court of Appeals because it was not first filed and denied in the Monroe County Superior Court where Cook was originally sentenced.

Initial Story
The Supreme Court of Georgia has reconsidered their order transferring the case of Andrew Allen Cook to the Georgia Court of Appeals according to information released by the court.

According to background information provided by the court, Cook was convicted of murder for the 1995 murders of Mercer University students Michele Cartagena, 19, and Grant Hendrickson, 22, who were parking at Lake Juliette, north of Macon, when they were randomly shot to death. He was given the death sentence for Cartagena's murder and received life without parole for Hendrickson's.

Due to the move, the state Supreme Court, and not the Court of Appeals, will decide whether or not his motion for stay of execution is granted.

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