Georgia Classic Hopes to Become Local Baseball Staple

The AFLAC Georgia Classic threw its inaugural first pitch Friday morning in Albany. It's a baseball tournament filled with travel ball teams from across the Southeast, and the goal is to become a yearly staple in the baseball community.

Darton State and Dirt Baseball organized the three day tournament with fifteen teams playing this year. The organizers hope to build the tourney up to about 40-50 teams in the field turning the competition into a yearly tradition.

With a lot of current prep baseball attention in Tallahasse and Macon, organizers are hoping to reunite scouts and recruiters with the "Good Life City".

"There's kind of a gap and we're that gap. It used to be a baseballâ| I don't know, a Mecca, around here," Georgia Classic organizer Hayes Cook said.

"There used to be a lot of really good baseball players coming out of this area. There's still some good talent here, and with the facilities that we haveâ|we know that it's an attraction where we can attract the best teams in the south."

Cook says this is a chance to make Paul Eames Park viable again for the city. The Albany Recreation and Parks department has been working over the past month making upgrades to the baseball facility.