Fantastic footwear

Shoes aren't just an accessory when it comes to working out but depending on the type of exercise activity you plan on doing, the shoes should match. Just like you need the right equipment to workout, proper footwear is essential.

"You never want to buy a pair of shoes by the way they look," said Kris Morrill, fitness coach. "You always want to try them on in the store see if you can run around in them a little bit. You may look a little silly but at the same time you'll know if that shoe is right for you."

Shoes range in support. Some shoes offer little support mimicking running barefoot while weight lifting shoes give lifters the stability they need but are a poor choice for running. A cross training sneaker is a good all around option for people doing a little bit of everything.

With regular use, sneakers should be replaced about every three months. The most important thing to remember when picking out shoes is comfort and make sure they fit. Each company has a different sizing chart so be aware that they all run a bit differently.

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