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      Family: We've been bullied out of town

      The Shell family is getting ready to move to Virginia and they say it TMs all because of excessive bullying on their 14-year-old daughter, Rebecca.

      When you send your child to school, you want them to be safe, you want them to be educated when they come home and you want them to want to go back the next day. None of these three things are happening here, said Rebecca TMs father Bruce Shell.

      Rebecca is half black and white, but goes to Calhoun County Middle School which mostly has black students.

      They bully me and say they're going to beat me up after class, because I am white. It scares me. I don't want that. I don't want to get beat up, said Rebecca.

      The family says it did turn physical last week when Rebecca was pushed to the ground by a male classmate.

      When it's actually getting to the point of reaching out and putting their hands on her, now we've got a problem, said Bruce Shell.

      Now Rebecca has been pulled out of the school and the family plans to move.

      We're just going to leave the state of Georgia because as long as there is confederate flags on drivers license plates, and as long as there is a 99 percent black school, and a 99 percent white school, she is never going to get a fair shake, said Bruce Shell.

      Calhoun County School System Superintendent Harvey Causey says they take every allegation of bullying very seriously and in this case they looked into the situation and conducted a full investigation.

      The teacher who was a witness to this saw no bullying. He saw the normal exchange that you would have when two students disagree with each other, said Causey.

      Officials say they want to help the family, but had never heard of any problems until that incident.

      We have no records of any reports from his daughter of any bullying whatsoever in the time that she has been here in our school, said Causey.