Darton Baseball meets BEEP Ball

Darton State College Baseball team take the field with blindfolds. / Jon Benson

It's been a yearlong process where Darton State College baseball has been trying to team up with the Albany Stars. The Albany Stars were formerly known as the Albany Vipers, who is a baseball team that competes in BEEP Ball. BEEP Ball is a sport similar to baseball, but is designed for players with visual impairment. Players rely more on than ears than they do their eyes. Both the ball and the bases make a beeping sound to help let the players know where the ball is at all times.

Over the weekend the Darton baseball team got the chance to play against the Albany Stars and to even the odds each player for the Cavaliers wore blindfolds.

Head Coach Scot Hemmings said, "We (Darton baseball) wanted to help get awareness out there about BEEP ball and to give back to our community."

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