BMX Riders arrive at Chehaw Park

Riders line up at the start for a chance to race for the state qualifiers. / Jon Benson

The state qualifier for BMX racing is being held at Chehaw Park this weekend. This dirt track attracts riders from all over the state of Georgia bringing in riders of all different ages too.

Winning is not easy here at Chehaw, because the racing brings in at least a hundred different riders for a chance to take their talents to the state level.

Ricky Lawrence is the treasure for Chehaw Park explains the times for the racing to begin on Saturday. "Racing with start at 2pm Saturday and people can still sign up tomorrow too."

Saturday is not the only important race happening at the BMX tracks. Sunday is going to bring "Relay for Life" for some fun and local racing to Chehaw.

Ricky Lawrence "Sunday we will have a lot of local riders for Relay for Life and I also will still race from time to time."

This annual event has been going strong for at least fourteen years, with no chance of letting up anytime soon. Once the riders have made it to the state level they will be one of two hundred competing for the state championship.