Albany Youth Hooked on Golf

It's been 14 years and they're still swinging at Albany's Flint River golf course.

The Albany Recreation and Parks Department finished its 14th Annual Hook a Kid on Golf workshop Thursday. Young golfers from 7 to 12 years old spent the past week learning the nuances, etiquette and fundamentals of golf from Flint River Golf Manager Roy Snead.

There for every step along the way, Snead has high hopes for each of his Hook a Kid classes, and this year is no different.

Many past workshop attendees have gone on to golf in high school and in the college ranks. Some of Thursday's players are hoping to tee off for a team in the future.

"When you're playing golf, don't think it's about being competitive and beating everybody else. It's actually about just having fun and making friends with other people," 11year old golfer Lance Wiggins said.

"I think I enjoy the irons because I wasn't needing help on the irons...getting it up in the air and right now I did pretty good with it," 10-year-old golfer Andrew Wade said.

Sponsored by the Youth Sports Alliance and Tour Edge Golf Company, all the golf campers received starter clubs and a golf bag, so they can continue to work on their golf game.