Afternoon School Basketball

Live Oak Elementary beat Lincoln for the championship game 41-30 / Eric Newman

Albany and Southwest Georgia has a huge football following, but basketball falls in a close second. To help the kids prepare for high school basketball, there is an after school program that has it's own league for elementary school children. The Extended Day Program, started out as a simple after school program with kids ranging from kindergarten to fifth grade and a basketball league that caters to third to fifth graders.

Teams are formed for each elementary school in the Albany area and compete against one another. Basketball is the main event, but with the popularity of the game growing, cheerleaders are now part of the after school experience.

Of course, like all sports in school each student-athlete is required to keep up with their grades and perform well in the classroom before getting on the court. At the end of the season, a championship game takes place between the top two elementary schools in Albany, with the winner taking home the trophy.

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