A need for speed

Sabien Tinson in his start and ready position. / Jon Benson

Inline skating is a sport that requires endurance, speed, and focus. The athlete that competes in inline skating takes a special talent and that talent starts at a young age. Sabien Tinson is only 13 years old and has only been skating for two and a half years. The remarkable thing is, in less than a week he will be defending his national titles.

Tinson said, "I started out just hanging out and skating at the rink here in Albany and now two years later I am competing at the national stage."

Tinson started out starting just for fun when he was discovered from his speed and raw talent for the sport. He trains nonstop, sometimes three times a day and travels to places like Tampa Bay and Tallahassee under different former world class skaters. He competes in both the indoor and outdoor events, racing in the 300m, 500m, and 1000m.

Tinson said, "I love the sport and it's in my blood to go fast."

Inline skating is just the beginning for Tinson's quest into becoming the best in the nation, and what he truly wants, is to compete at the international stage.

Tinson said, "I want to one day compete in the Olympics and when a gold medal."

Inline skating is a form of gateway for skaters who want to compete in the Winter Olympic games on the ice. Next week Tinson will pack his skates and head to Nebraska for the Indoor Nations where he plans to defend his titles.

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